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“Ever have a day when you and your friends just said “screw it” and instead of spending the day adulting, you just got together and hung out? That’s the kind of day Jordan Okrend depicts in the video for the title song from his recently released album, Dance By The Riverside. The video for “Dance By The Riverside” begins with Okrend, guitar in hand, walking down to the river. The party is already underway. Assembled are a variety of people, dogs and a woman in a chicken suit. It sure as hell looks like fun. The album was released in June and features eight tracks of nicely crafted tunes. Some of it more in the pop style, but there’s still a lot of old-time R&B to savor. Dance By The Riverside is the fourth recording released by Okrend. He previously released EPs in 2010, 2012, and his 2015 EP, World Keeps Turning. So if you are in need of an escape from the daily grind, take a listen to “Dance By The Riverside” for a little pick-me-up. Chicken suit not required.”

Kath Galasso - On Stage Magazine

“Jordan Okrend manages to have it both ways. He’s a pop artist, but one who incorporates more ambitious forms into his original music without sacrificing a strong melody. The Berklee College of Music graduate recently released his third disc, Dance by the Riverside, recorded at Sound Temple Studios in Asheville.”

Bill Kopp - Bold Life Magazine

“Part of what makes Okrend standout is his ability to weave together tunes that catch your ear while delivering a socially conscious message, something of a lost art....Infusing jazz with hints of pop and funk to create a niche sound that is all his own but that everyone can enjoy, Okrend’s latest offering delivers in a big way. Soulful vocals in the vein of Amos Lee and Allen Stone, expert instrumentation that includes everything from electric guitars to horns, and meaningful lyrics that go to the heart of life makes listening to Dance by the Riverside not only just a good time, but an experience.”

Lisa D'Arrigo - Indie Minded

“After releasing 3 sonically raw and authentic EPs, Okrend soldiers on with these original compositions on his latest, Dance By The Riverside. These stellar musical flares of infectious hooks are heighten by the artistry of each track on this exciting compilation that is jam-packed from the get-go with a granular bluesy style and retro-stance beat. This collection of vibrant blues and funk, retro-twist songs has each track followed by an enthused jam-session and a welling of tight musicianship filled with the amp spirit. There is definitely a polished feel to this record, followed up by a great live sound. It is obvious that Okrend can deliver; Dance By The Riverside ends with a bang with “Unity,” which was recorded as a live acoustic set imbued with the punk spirit as the song talks about the politically divided and advising us to unite as a “remedy” to impart change for future generations.”

My Nguyen - With

“Prodigious and prolific would be two accurate terms to describe the Asheville, NC-based singer/songwriter Jordan Okrend. While still a student at the Berklee College of Music, Okrend released two EPs, the appropriately titled Unpredictable and Rising Up, while continuing to hone his chops and refine his sound. Now, Okrend is celebrating the release of his new LP, Dance By The Riverside, which blends elements of classic soul and funk with touches of pop in song structure surely gleaned from his experiences and education. The album’s title track comes paired with a video wherein throws a riverside party while jamming away not unlike a groovier Lenny Kravitz.”

Groundsounds - Groundsounds

“Jordan Okrend Experience has been marked out as one of the new soul revival troubadours who mix traditional approach with modern technique. On the new LP, Dance By The Riverside, Okrend combines his vintage pop chops with a soulful to funky sonic brew and socially astute lyrics.”

Jen Dan - DOA

“Jordan Okrend invited us into his room for a performance during SCENES Live Sessions recently (June 16). The famous Beatles poster of band members crossing Abbey Road together hung behind him on one wall, and an Indian style tapestry hung on the wall adjacent him. These two images depict Okrend perfectly in his love for iconic music and world travel. He has an approachable, every-man quality behind his rare talent. Okrend has an uncanny range that sneaks up on you. He easily goes from a gutteral, raspyness, to powerful high notes in one verse. His ability to carry this off reminds me a bit of one of my recent favorites, the hip hop/blues Rag N Bone Man himself. Okrend’s guitar playing includes jazz, blues and rock qualities that also work to showcase his versatility. With the release of his upcoming album and his continued efforts there’s no question he’ll continue to stand out among Asheville’s artists and we’ll be undoubtedly hearing more of the Jordan Okrend Experience”

Suzanne Craine Milller - SCENES

“Singer-songwriter Jordan Okrend works in the rootsy scene of Asheville, North Carolina and hails from nearby Raleigh. But his artistic vision looks to global themes. To call Okrend a singer-songwriter is to limit what he does and the kind of music he makes. It has the rootsy stylistic touches of an artist who grew up in the South. But there is also a very soulful and jazzy side to his music. Also belying the singer-songwriter tag, Okrend has a seductive vocal approach that recalls Amos Lee. 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for Okrend. He will release his first full-length album, Dance by the Riverside, which will display his socially-conscious lyrical strengths. It may even prove to be the pop breakthrough he so justly deserves.”

Steve Matteo - SCENES

“Throughout music through the ages, songwriting has incorporated just causes, from civil rights to the environment. In that vein, Jordan Okrend and his Experience brings his own unique blend of timeless pop, rock, folk, and a touch of funk and jazz to the table. The singer/songwriter, who’s based in the musical hotbed of Asheville, NC, prides himself on creating songs that speak to every listener, everywhere. “The emphasis is on speaking to the human experience,” he says. His new album, Dance By the Riverside, combines the best of old-school sounds with modern references, like social media and ghosting. Unlike someone who’s trying to be ultra hip and current, however, the cohesiveness of his writing makes it all work. And, of course, there’s the message and intent behind his work — and it’s an important, positive one. “I hope this album inspires and uplifts all who hear it,” he says. Check out the video for title track - now making its Popdose Premiere!”

Allison Johnelle Boron - POPDOSE.COM

“Singer-songwriter Jordan Okrend sat down with Rachel A.G. Gilman during Mondo.NYC to talk about his music before performing a live set. Find out more about Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube.”

Rachel A.G. Gilman - WNYU Radio


“12 ACTS TO SEE AT MONDO NYC 2016. Mondo NYC 2016 is "an annual business summit, festival and digital platform bringing together music, technology and innovation in the most vibrant city in the world." It will invade New York City this coming week, specifically the NYU campus as many discussion panels will take place in the Kimmel Student Center. The festival includes a number of live performance throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Here are some of the artists you don't want to miss. Asheville, North Carolina based singer-songwriter Jordan Okrend has a soulful sound with jazzy and vintage-pop roots. He'll be performing at Pianos on September 15. All of these artists and more will also be profiled on WNYU Radio. Mondo.NYC 2016 will take place September 14-18, 2016.”

Rachel Gilman -


“While NYC-based singer/songwriter Jordan Okrend is considered a young and emerging artist, you can’t call him inexperienced…in the slightest. This passionate soul pop singer started learning the guitar at the tender age of 7, playing open mics at 14, and headlined his first official show while still in high school. Today, we’re excited to share news of his latest release, a collection titled World Keeps Turnin’. We asked Okrend for the download on what we should expect from the work – he said, “The songs on the release were written over a two year period. The main two themes are love songs and thought provoking songs about the world. I think fans can expect to hear feel good and catchy music, but also question things and really think about personal and societal issues on a deeper level.” Click to to check out World Keeps Turnin’ and check out Jordan‘s schedule while you’re at it – he’ll be sticking to the live stage in support.”

Richie Frieman - PensEyeView


“The comparison to John Mayer and Ed Sheeran comes to mind as soon as the first notes of the EP’s title track play. “World Keeps Turnin” starts with an almost minute long acoustic introduction featuring a guitar and Okrend’s vocals; the comparison is reinforced when the piano, drums, extra guitars, and backing vocals kick in. The upbeat pop number has a certain bluesy feel to it reinforced by the guitar solo at the two third mark. The blues factor also clearly makes its mark in the more restrained, down-tempo “Never Alone With You”. That is not to say that Okrend is all wide-open fields, balloons, and puppies; a certain raw, in-your-face attitude (blunted by the sweetness of the main vocals) comes through in “Too Much To Love”. There are hints of musical sophistication embedded in the tracks. "Go My Way” touches on how tough things usually are in the challenging world of today but brings a bright ray of light of which one can really never have enough.”

Sahar - Blogcritics


“- the independently released single showcases a diverse scope of musical versatility. The jazzy foundation – comprising lightly strummed guitars, smooth bass, a deep organ and compressed drums – works in Okrend’s favor, making his music stand out from the oftentimes-tiresome parameters of singer-songwriter pop.”

Chris Sommerfeldt - The Purchase Beat


“Mellifluous singer-songwriter Jordan Okrend fills “Empty Space” with colorful fusion. We have the pleasure of premiering the newest single from the NYC musician whose latest EP, “The World Keeps Turning,” drew inevitable comparisons to the soulful side of John Mayer due to its intoxicating fusion of rock and blues. This time Jordan skews that combo in favor of a more jazzy approach which pays off handsomely in its seductive groove and late night contemplative lyricism. Okrend has some powerful musical bravado—possibly gleaned from his time at Berklee—but he is also mellow and authentic, providing his eclectic tunes with the emotional grit and heft to engage both smaller audiences—and populated festivals. Jordan Okrend Official | Facebook | Twitter”

Mike Olinger - The Vinyl District/TVD Premier


“The heartfelt title song off the EP, World Keeps Turnin encompasses Jordan Okrend's world view and sonic sensibilities. Short and brisk, but mellifluous guitar strum accompanies his softly intoned vocals as he matter-of-factly, but hopefully, states “Life goes on no matter the past / so let go and just live along the way…” There’s a sudden segue from this spare guitar and vocals set-up to a surging instrumental accompaniment of brighter guitar lines, reflective piano notes, and lively drum beat and cymbals tick. Jordon’s vocals rise to a vividly emotive level and his passionate expressions run along until the end of the song.”

Jen Dan - Tasty Fanzine


“NYC-located singer-songwriter/guitarist Jordan Okrend recently released his 3rd EP titled World Keeps Turnin. He blends several musical genres into his overall sound, including rock, jazz, and blues, and delves deeply into socially-conscious lyrics. His main instrument is the acoustic guitar and he puts it to good use on World Keeps Turnin, keeping the focus on his perceptive lyrics and gentle guitar-playing style.”

Jen Dan - DOA For The Love Of Music


“NYC Folk troubadour issues classic rock inspired EP. Okrend shows a lot of heartfelt sentiment on World Keeps Turnin’ which takes, I think, a lot of guts anymore. It’s a mad world, giving the EPs title a curious double meaning: yes, the great blue ball keeps on spinning, but it’s artists like Okrend that make it still long enough to appreciate.”

Erick Mertz - Bearded Magazine


“With a songwriting structure that uses advanced acoustic guitar playing to draw listeners in before layering with additional instruments and soul-stirring lyrics, World Keeps on Turnin’ fires on all cylinders. Okrend’s blues based guitar solos throughout are comparable to John Mayer’s style of using the guitar more than the vocals to convey the raw emotion of a song. It is something many guitarists try, but very few pull off. With a promising future and nothing but room to continue to develop, singer-songwriter Jordan Okrend is bound to make his mark on the music industry.”



“Okrend sings, “Even though the world has gone crazy, something’s going to go my way.” The intensely populated city, one where many hustle, have multiple jobs, work hard in order to conquer their dreams, is the perfect setting for this song. Most New Yorkers can relate to the grind and struggle it is to live in this vast city, yet also the courage and commitment it takes to keep going. New York is full of people who truly believe “Something is going to go their way”. Okrend sings, “Even though the world has gone crazy, something’s going to go my way.” The intensely populated city, one where many hustle, have multiple jobs, work hard in order to conquer their dreams, is the perfect setting for this song. Most New Yorkers can relate to the grind and struggle it is to live in this vast city, yet also the courage and commitment it takes to keep going. New York is full of people who truly believe “Something is going to go their way”.”

Lynette Williams - This Is Not The Radio


“You could compare him to the likes of John Mayer due to his often reserved vocal delivery, but Jordan is much more soulful than Mayer, , when "World Keeps Turning" begins to roll, he proves he is not just limited to the blues as the song owes more to jazz fusion with slight funk undertones to its groove and some shade of r& b in the backing vocals. If you want more from your singer songwriters than just strumming a guitar over programmed beats, then Okrend’s live sound will be a welcome departure as he fills the canvas with the instruments he paints these songs with a grace that doesn’t lose sight of serving the song. Okrend’s new album is something you will find yourself returning to.”



“New York-based singer Jordan Okrend recently released the video for his latest single, “Go My Way,” which was directed by Alan McIntyre Smith. The video was shot guerilla-style in the midst of a busy New York City subway while Jordan solemnly shared an intimate, head-on acoustic moment with the viewer. On the song, he explores the infinite possibilities and positive sides of life even when they seem to be out of reach. Optimistic as it is relatable, the song and video’s message speaks volumes in a world of uncertainty. You can find “Go My Way” on Jordan’s latest EP titled World Keeps Turnin, which blends pop-rock and acoustic soul together to tell a promising story. Give the album a listen and look out for more endearing music from Jordan Okrend.”

Tia Scott - Occur

“The songs themselves are consistent musical experiences, each one possessing unique personality, flair and signature groove. From grooving “Limitations” to heartfelt and impassioned “Without You” this 6 track EP has something for just about everyone. The EP ends with Track 6 “Anyhow” the perfect finale statement for a CD of this caliber.”

Cyrus Rhodes - CD REVIEW: Jordan Okrend - Rising Up


“JORDAN OKREND "World Keeps Turnin" Born in NYC raised in Raleigh, NC and now calling home Purchase NY. Jordan is an inspiring singer/songwriter/performer that hits his mark with this EP release! Recently selected by Reverbnation to perform at the Move Music Festival in Albany NY on April 25th! I recommend you get out and catch Jordan live and pick up this heartfelt EP because The World Keeps Turning ..Anyway! I felt a great spiritual vibe to the title song that reflected a bit of Michael Franti vibe with a touch of Ben Harper. For those that follow Lenny Kravitz with a touch of Ed Sheerin this EP 6 song EP is a must!! I was fortunate enough to have Jordan perform for me at a very young tender age and I knew then he was destined for stardom!!”

Uncle John - Uncle John's Radar


“This is Gold Standard songwriting any way you slice it. Final Rating: 5/5 Stars”

Trace Williamson - Jordan Okrend – World Keeps Turnin’


"If you are looking for a true listening experience from an artist who is honest to himself and his audience, then allow this music to assimilate you into an authentic happening of auditory entertainment. "

"Jordan’s music is unparalleled, achieving a blend that possesses an unearthly power that invigorates the listener in a soulful and intimate experience. "

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